Your Ethereum Address

The Ethereum address you use with Ink Pay:
  • Is your unique identifier on Ink Pay and is how you log in.
  • Stores your XNK and ETH, and is where payments are paid from/to.
  • Is how potential buyers will find you and view your reputation.

Common Questions

What is NFTY?

NFTY is a DApp (decentralized application) that allows you to easily show off your NFT collection and browse collections from other people. It is still in beta... much more coming soon!

Getting Started

What do I need to get started?

You'll need either:

  • A computer running Chrome or Firefox with the MetaMask plugin installed, OR
  • An iOS/Android device with the Coinbase Wallet app installed

That's it! We automatically detect the NFTs stored on your wallet and create a portfolio for you. You can also interact with other users by liking or commenting on their NFTs.