Buy with confidence.
Sell with reputation.

Ink Pay makes buying and selling with cryptocurrency safe and simple.

A better way to buy

Get to know your seller
Check their reputation and view recent feedback
Pay with cryptocurrency
We support the following currencies:
Rate the transaction and leave feedback
Your feedback helps others buy and sell safely

Build trust wherever you sell

Buyers rate their transactions with you
Build up a strong public reputation
Drive more sales
Showcase your reputation everywhere you sell
Ink Pay works across marketplaces
Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or any other online/offline marketplace
Earn cryptocurrency
We support XNK, ETH, and Dai

Powered by Ink Protocol

Ink Pay is built on top of Ink Protocol, a decentralized payment and reputation platform running on the Ethereum network.
All payments are verified and backed with XNK, Ink Protocol's ERC20 token.
Ratings are tied to actual payments, both of which are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.
Ink Protocol is designed to work across marketplaces, allowing sellers to have a single, global reputation.
Buy from sellers you trust.
Build reputation wherever you sell.